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The Gluten Free Diet

Being on a gluten free diet is essential for those who have celiacs disease, or a gluten allergy. Here at Energy Fields, you will find a large range of tasty gluten free foods.

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The Benefits of Psyllium

The benefits of psyllium are many, including relieving constipation, helping to lower cholesterol and to control diabetes.

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Psyllium for weight loss

What daily dosage of psyllium is recommended for weight loss? Psyllium husk can aid in weight loss when taken before meals because it absorbs water, bulks

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Contact Us at Energy Fields Healthy Foods

If you would like to contact us at Energy Fields, please use the form below. We have over 25 years of experience in bringing healthy foods to the market.

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Energy Fields Health Food

Energy Fields health food - the makers of the healthiest breakfast cereal on the market.

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Health Food Products

Energy Fields makes a variety of natural health food products which are essential to your nutritional health and wellbeing

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Frequently Asked Questions

Visit the Energy Fields FAQ area for our most frequently asked questions. You can also ask your own question.

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Do you sell direct to the public?

We do send Energy Fields products interstate, but generally do not within metropolitan Melbourne. If your local store runs out, or does not stock something

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Can You Cook with Psyllium Husks?

Can you cook with psyllium husks? Kelly asked a great question. Yes, you can! Psyllium Husks are very high in soluble fibre and are used to maintain

Continue reading "Can You Cook with Psyllium Husks?"

Iron in LSA

Is there iron in LSA? Yes, there is iron contained in LSA. LSA is a blend of almonds, sunflower seeds and linseed. There is approximately 1mg of

Continue reading "Iron in LSA"

Energy Fields Stockists

Use our Energy Fields stockists list to find our fantastic health food products. Energy Fields products are available in many independent supermarkets, health food stores and fruit shops.

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Chia Seeds - Nature's Super Food

Chia seeds are nature's most powerful, complete super food. They contain the highest levels of Omega 3 from a plant source, are high in protein, fibre and vitamins and minerals.

Continue reading " Chia Seeds - Nature's Super Food"

Fig Jam

Energy Fields Fig Jam contains lovely simple ingredients and has a delicious thick consistency with a rich flavour, that is perfect to spread on toast.

Continue reading "Fig Jam"

Healthy Cereals Energy Fields Vital Start

Vital Start was the first of our healthy cereals to be developed to provide as many nutrients as possible in one serve. It is a combination of 15 amazing ingredients which are high in nutrients.

Continue reading " Healthy Cereals Energy Fields Vital Start"

Healthy Breakfast Foods

At Energy Fields, we make a range of healthy breakfast foods that the whole family will love.

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Site Guide

Looking for something special at Energy Fields Health Food? You will find it here in our site guide.

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Health Benefits of Almonds

The health benefits of almonds are many, that's why Energy Fields Natural Almonds make a great snack that will give you lasting energy throughout the day.

Continue reading " Health Benefits of Almonds"

Apricot and Almond

Energy Fields Natural Muesli with Apricot and Almond is a great tasting muesli, with the goodness of rolled oats, dried fruits and sunflower seeds

Continue reading " Apricot and Almond"

Really Fruity Muesli

Energy Fields Really Fruity Muesli is a wholegrain fruit muesli that is bursting with flavour, and is packed with high quality, great tasting dried fruit.

Continue reading "Really Fruity Muesli"

Bulgur, Bourghul, Burghul, Bulgar - It's all the same to us

Energy Fields bourghul or bulgur, is a high quality wholegrain food that comes in fine and coarse, and can easily be made into tasty meals like tabouli salad.

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