Be Slim - Heart Healthy Food

Energy Fields Be Slim is a heart healthy food that contains a unique blend of ingredients including oat bran, linseed (flaxseed), psyllium husks , lecithin granules, and rice bran granules.

These ingredients work synergistically together to make a healthy heart cereal that can be used in many different ways.

Be Slim Contains Foods for Heart Health

The lecithin granules contained in Be Slim is a heart healthy food. It acts as a powerful fat dissolving agent that protects the entire body from excess accumulations of fats within the arteries.

Lecithin converts fats and cholesterol into microscopic particles so they can readily pass through arterial walls, and be utilised by all parts of the body.

Lecithin granules consist of Essential Fatty Acids, phosphorus and the B group vitamins choline and innositol.

Lecithin comprises 28% of the brain matter in healthy humans but decreases as we are stressed physically and environmentally.

When adding lecithin granules to your diet, it can protect your body from environmental toxins. Regular intake of alcohol, preservatives and unnatural foods will lead to a definate lack of lecithin reserves within the body, especially the brain.

Having Be Slim daily will help to prevent this from happening.

Linseed (flaxseed), psyllium husks rice bran granules and oatbran in the Be Slim are also healthy heart food, will help you to lower cholesterol and research has shown that diets high in these cereal fibres significantly reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

Be Slim is High in Fibre

The fibre found in Be Slim is both soluble and insoluble, thus aiding in digestion and bowel movement by promoting regularity. Used regularly it will promote bowel health and increase energy and vitality.

Be Slim and Weight Loss

Be Slim contains essential fatty acids and research has shown that increasing good fats in the diet will help with weight loss and can curb the cravings for "bad" fats.

The high fibre content of Be Slim will expand in the body and can help to decrease the need for excess food, make you feel fuller and help to control food cravings.

Be Slim is low in carbohydrates and has a low glycaemic index.

Be Slim can be used in conjunction with a calorie controlled diet and exercise to achieve weight loss.

Be Slim is suitable for diabetics, has no added sugar and is wheat free. Due to the psyllium content it can help to stabilize blood sugar levels when taken regularly.

Be Slim and Plant Lignans

Linseed (flaxseed) found in Be Slim provides the richest source of plant lignans, which belong to a highly potent anti-cancer phytochemical family.

It makes an important addition to your daily health regime.

How To Use Be Slim

Use Be Slim as a heart healthy food in the morning for breakfast, or for weight loss and to help curb appetite it can be used before meals.

Due to the high fibre content of Be Slim, it is essential to have an adequate water intake.

  • Add it to a fruit smoothie
  • Add it to your muffin mix
  • Use with hot or cold milk, yoghurt or steamed apple
  • Add it to your bread mix

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