Pumpkin Seeds

Energy Fields Pumpkin Seeds are one of nature's SUPER foods.

They have a white outer shell with green flat seeds inside which are commonly known as pepitas.

They contain 30% protein, including good amounts of all the essential amino acids we need in the balanced form.

Pepitas or shelled pumpkin seeds, have a NPU (net protein utilisation) of over 60%, which means the protein is not only contained in the food, it is highly usable by the body.

Especially high in pepitas are the amino acids isoleucine, methionine, lysine and leucine and compared to wholegrains, legumes and other animal proteins, pepitas provide the perfect protein.

They also contain over 11mg of iron per 100g, which is four times the amount of spinach, and ten times that of chicken. Combined with the abundance of the mineral phosphorus also found in pepitas, it promotes healthy blood development and efficient nerve and mental activity.

Zinc is also found in pepitas, as are essential fatty acids omega 3 and 6, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, potassium, folic acid, fibre, phytosterols and carotenoids.

Vitamin A and B vitamins are also found in pepitas, making them a wonderful food to snack on.

The Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

The benefits of pumpkin seeds have long been known to many cultures, and are now being scientifically studied around the world.

They have been used in conjunction with the herb saw palmetto, and the results have shown a decrease in the sypmtoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (a non-malignant enlargement of the prostate gland) at stage 1 and 2.

This could be due to the fact that they contain cucurbitacins and these can prevent the body from converting testosterone into a more potent form of this hormone - dihydrotestosterone. Without this, it is more difficult for the body to produce more prostate cells, and therefore is more difficult for the prostate to keep enlarging.

Pepitas also contain zinc, which is known to be essential for the good health of the prostate, as well as being protective for mens bones against osteoporosis, essential for the immune system, skin and wound healing, and in the growth and maintenance of muscles.

The phytosterols found in pepitas are compounds found in plants that have a chemical structure very similar to cholesterol, and when present in the diet in sufficient amounts, are believed to lower blood levels of cholesterol, as well as enhance the immune response and decrease risk of certain cancers. The beneficial effects of plant phytosterols are widely known and it is for this reason they are often added to margarines and butter alternatives.

Pepitas can aid milk production in lactating mothers, help with impotence in males and have been found to be anti-inflammatory in arthritis, without the side effects of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Pumpkin Seeds nutriton also includes L-tryptophan, which may be helpful in depression and anxiety disorders.

Pepitas also appear to decrease levels of substances that promote stone formation in the urine and increase levels of substances that inhibit stone formation. Hence thay have been used for kidney stones (calcium oxalate stones) and irritable bladder conditions.

In many cultures, they are used in remedies for tapeworms and intestinal parasites, and in skin formulas for dryness, roughness, pimples and burns.

How to Enjoy Pepitas

Energy Fields produces lightly salted pumpkin seeds, which can be eaten whole, or shelled.

They have a tasty, nutty flavour and are a highly nutritious snack alternative.

They can be eaten on their own, added to your favourite breakfast cereal or nut mix, sprinkled on vegies or salads, or ground into a cookie or even a burger mix.

You will find pepitas in our muesli and breakfast cereals because we believe they are one of nature's perfect foods.

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