Natural Sea Salt

Energy Fields natural sea salt is a naturally dried salt that does not contain anti-caking agents, fillers or chemical additives.

It is produced in Australia and comes in both a crushed coarse and fine texture.

Our salt is naturally produced through the evaporation of seawater, and it undergoes very little processing.

Salt has many important functions in the body. It

  • keeps calcium and other minerals soluble in the blood
  • plays a role in nerve stimulation
  • maintains fluid balance within the bodies cells
  • helps to regulate muscle contractions
  • is needed for the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach
  • helps to regulate fluid balance when the temperature rises

Sea Salt vs Table Salt

The main differences between these two types of salt are in the processing, as well as the taste and texture. As sea-salt is made by the evaporation of seawater, it leaves behind trace minerals and elements such as magnesium, calcium, potassium and sulfate, that have health benefits, and add flavour to the salt.

Table salt is usually mined from underground salt deposits and is more processed, which results in the removal of the trace minerals. Most often, it contains anti-caking agents to prevent clumping, and chemical additives such as aluminium hydroxide or aluminium silicate to bleach the salt and prevent water absorption. The use of table salt can drive calcium out of the body.

Uses for Salt

Salt has been used for many years in a number of cultures. It is most often used in cooking and preserving foods, but is also used in cosmetics, to produce soaps and detergents, to set dyes in fabrics and in pulp and paper manufacturing.

Salt and High Blood Pressure

There is a strong view that salt is bad, that it causes high blood pressure and that it must be eliminated from the diet.
It is true that an excess consumption of table salt can lead to a number of conditions including hypertension. A high intake of table salt, which is often found in many processed and refined foods, effects potassium levels in the body.
Often, it is the hidden salt (sodium) in foods, drinks and even medications that make us exceed our intake.
Salt can be found in

  • antacids
  • cough syrup
  • some laxatives
  • beer
  • diet soft drink
  • club soda
  • baking soda and baking powder
  • cured meats such as ham
  • condiments such as ketchup, mustard, pickles, soy sauce
  • preservatives

However, it has been researched, that in natural sea salt, the trace minerals and elements actually protect us by removing the excess sodium from the tissues and can actually lower the blood pressure.

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